How to Use Your EpiPen When You Need To


Specific triggers and allergens are sometimes inevitable. Other times, you may not even realize them in your surroundings. Either way, your doctor has probably advised you to carry an EpiPen in case of an allergic reaction. Be sure to stock up on these and other medical supplies. Here’s how you should use it.

  • Step One
    After removing the auto-injector from its casing, remove the safety cover. Note that packaging may vary from brand to brand. You may inquire your pharmacy about the specifications.
  • Step Two
    Hold the pen in a way that it is facing your outer thigh. Press the needle down until a clicking sound is heard. Again, depending on the brand, press firmly on the side of your thigh for three to ten seconds. For more information, be sure to ask your senior care pharmacy in Michigan..
  • Step Three
    Call 911 after removing the gadget from your thigh. Although epinephrine is safe, you may still require extra medical attention. Remember, this is not a cure but to ease your allergic reaction..
  • Step Four
    Observe your reaction and symptoms. A second dose of the EpiPen may be necessary should symptoms persist or return after a while. Be sure to have a spare and avail of pharmacy home delivery, so you’ll always have some, even if you forget to pick it up yourself..

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