How to Dispose of Medicine Properly in the Trash


Many people stock up on over-the-counter medications from their local pharmacy in case of an emergency. Overstocking medicines, on the other hand, may cause them to expire before their time. Of course, expired medications can have unexpected side effects on the body. As a result, you dispose of them before they are accidentally consumed by someone.

Place your medications and other prescription drugs in the trash. Expired medications can be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet or throwing them away in the household trash. Most OTC creams, liquids, patches, drops, and pills are acceptable. Here are the steps to take when disposing of expired OTC medications:

Remove the drugs from their packaging. Combine them with undesirable ingredients, such as cat litter or coffee grounds. Mix thoroughly so that they are less appealing to pets, children, and those who go through your trash.

Get a resealable bag or an empty container to keep the mixture contained. Make sure the mixture does not spill out of the container. After you’ve secured the container, dispose of it.

Another conundrum is how to properly dispose of the packaging. Most online prescription and other medical supplies purchases from your specialty pharmacy in Southfield, Michigan, may include your personal information. So make sure those are scratched out. Throw away the packaging once your information is no longer valid.

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