The Pharmacist’s Role in Senior Care


Our Specialty Pharmacy in Southfield, Michigan pharmacists are positioned to work with seniors to help their Medication Management and get the most benefit from their medicines.

Here are how pharmacies are part of your loved one’s senior care.

  • Monitoring prescriptions
    If you are handling more than one medicine, pharmacists can check for possible duplications or interactions before you fill a new prescription. A Long Term Care Pharmacy can help you double-check.
  • Telling facts about your medicines.
    Pharmacists can answer your questions about what each medicine or Medical Supplies are supposed to do, what possible side effects to watch out for, and what to do if they happen.
  • Instruction on how to take medications properly
    Many drugs need to be taken in a specific way. Some need to be sensitively taken according to instructions like Fertility Medications or HIV Medications. Pharmacists can help you know how certain medicines are supposed to be administered.
  • Packaging medications
    Pharmacists package your medicines to make it easier to keep track of what to take and when to take it. Our Senior Care Pharmacy in Michigan can put your medicines in easy-to-open containers and place labels that are easy to read.
  • Customizing medicine
    Some medicines can make someone reluctant to take them. A pharmacist can change the taste of a drug to reduce the likelihood that someone will skip a dose.

Additionally, for those individuals who cannot easily travel or seniors who live in Group Homes, Alavar Specialty Pharmacy offers the convenience of Pharmacy Home Delivery throughout the Metro Detroit area.

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