Effective Reminders for Taking Your Meds on Time


You have options in getting your meds. One great option is to reach out to your trusted healthcare partner, Alavar Specialty Pharmacy in Southfield, Michigan to have your prescriptions filled and delivered.

You can take advantage of our Pharmacy Home Delivery for greater convenience. Once the medications are safely in your hands, the next step to managing your health is to ensure your medicines are taken on time.

As we all know, this can be a challenge!

What seems a trivial task -taking a couple of pills each day-can be easily forgotten. Unfortunately, a single missed dose can compromise one’s recovery or health.

As a trusted Pharmacy, allow the Alavar team to share the following tips for better medication management.

  • Establish an effective routine.
    Humans are creatures of habit. Once we incorporate a task into our routine, our body is trained to expect for it. By scheduling your meds as prescribed and in tandem with specific activities, remembering to take your pill can be that much easier. A routine can be set based on time, activity, or habit, all within the scheduling guidelines prescribed by your doctor.
  • For greatest effectiveness, utilize multiple reminders.
    To maintain the routine you have established, consider using visual aids or technology devices to help remember what to take, and when. Visual calendars posted in areas which you frequent, or cell phone alarms set for the proper times are just a couple of effective examples.

Are you looking for a Senior Care Pharmacy in Michigan? At Alavar Specialty Pharmacy, we have what you need. Call us today!

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